Literature Worksheets

Learning language arts and literature continues throughout every grade level. Students are often asked to respond to what they’ve read by writing a response or answering questions. They may be asked to read a notable writing aloud or take notes while listening to a story. Or they might be required to study words from a vocabulary list to understand new concepts.

Literature printables come in many forms. Since the concept of literature consists of so many components, as discussed above, the options for using these worksheets are wide open. Teachers can create literature vocabulary lists or even turn those lists into games and puzzles. They can also use them to present students with interesting stories or nonfiction passages that they must respond to in some way. Another way literature printables are used is for organization in the form of graphic organizers. These help students organize information and form a mental picture of the concept being introduced.

At home, parents can use literature printables and vocabulary lists to reinforce what their children are learning and to practice that information. Whether children need help with reading, writing, speaking, or listening, or most likely a combination of these, parents can find resources to guide them and keep them motivated. Children love novelty, so anything that peaks their interest or has them searching for answers in a clever way, will help them stay on track and have some fun at the same time.