6th Grade Worksheets

In elementary school, students learn the basics and continue to expand their knowledge base. In sixth grade, they will again continue to build from what they know and will practice their new skills. Learning about more advanced subjects can be difficult at times, especially with so many new and more complex concepts, but it can also be fun and rewarding.

In sixth grade, students will be expected to do more intermediate writing. It’s important they know how to explain concepts in writing and that they can use vocabulary terms to help readers understand the concept further.

Whether students are learning in school or at home, practice and reinforcement is essential. Parents can help by discussing the material and encouraging their child to explore his or her interests. There are a variety of ways students can practice what they’ve learned, including games, puzzles, worksheets, and online practice. Students can also practice writing both in school and at home by practicing their skills in writing short answers, explaining their thought process, and creating their own world problems.