5th Grade Worksheets

There is a lot to learn in fifth grade curriculum, and while it can be overwhelming at times, it can also be a lot of fun. At this point, hopefully children have built a strong base and from here they will build upon that base. It’s important to note that they will need practice and reinforcement of new vocabulary and skills and may need additional support to learn and understand new concepts.

Learning vocabulary is always important and in fifth grade students will need a solid understanding of the terms they’re using. With so many new and more complex skills and concepts, vocabulary is critical in helping students move forward. Students will also spend a lot of time on developing writing skills. This is the time of standardized and state tests where students are expected to be able to synthesize the information they read and then write about it. They’ll need to be proficient at writing short responses in answer to test questions as well as being able to answer essay questions in a complete and clear manner.

Students will be learning in school and at home as they venture through their fifth grade year. Teachers will provide lessons and additional resources in the classroom and will ask that students continue to reinforce what they’ve learned when at home. This can be done with books, magazines, newspapers, political events, projects, and with online sources.