4th Grade Worksheets

In fourth grade, students will continue to build upon their knowledge base of concepts, skills, and vocabulary terms. In math, students have a higher level of understanding now; they can attempt more involved operations like long division and complex fractions. In social studies, the curriculum usually focuses on the state they live in. In science, students will practice measuring matter, including the weight, volume, and dimensions. They’ll also explore the effect of force on objects and how applying force will change the speed and direction of an object.

Students will also practice writing skills. At each level, the writing that is done becomes more involved and students are asked to think about a question or concept and explain it in writing. This is often a level where standardized tests are administered and students will need to refine their skills in explaining a concept. They’ll need to learn to write short answer responses as well as longer essays that focus on a specific topic or theme.

Parents can help at home by encouraging students to use what they’ve learned and practice it on a regular basis. They can do this with homework, online practice, games, and practice sheets.