12th Grade Worksheets

Learning in high school is different from what students have done at the elementary and middle school levels. Instead of learning a little bit about each topic, students focus on a specific topic each year. By the time they get to twelfth grade, many subjects will probably not be a required. However, students have the option of taking advanced courses or advanced placement classes that will count as college credits.

As always, students will use reasoning, critical thinking skills, symbolic representations, and research plans. They’ll use various ways to collect, organize, and present data, such as tables, charts, and graphs. They’ll also use technology to find information and prepare presentations. Students at this level will be expected to use their large knowledge base, their advanced skills, their extensive database of vocabulary, and their critical thinking skills to advance in the twelfth grade.

Learning vocabulary and writing are both critical components of the curriculum at this level. Students need to understand and be able to use vocabulary not only to have a thorough grasp on concepts, but also to be able to explain those concepts to others. Writing skills include things like written responses to questions, research projects, and taking notes and at this point students’ writing should be clear and concise.